About Ballast Star, Inc.

Ballast Star, a subsidiary of Peckham Industries, Inc., provides corrosion-resistant liquid tire ballasts as well as tank and pump dispensing solutions.

Ballast Star strives to provide economical, highly effective, efficient liquid ballast. We focus on the needs of agricultural equipment dealers serving the farm and commercial tractor markets. Our products are non-hazardous, meaning there is no danger of fire or explosion, no disposal hazard, and no need to respond to a hazardous spill in the event of a puncture or blowout. We don’t use messy, sticky, sugar-based tire ballast products that can ferment and stink. Our products are corrosion-inhibited, chloride-based liquids that resist freezing and provide maximum unit weight.

Ballast Star prides itself on providing its customers with the finest quality, easy-to-operate dispensing equipment available today. Mechanics and tire professionals will find the dispensing equipment foolproof and easy to operate and maintain. All that is needed is a good air source and some basic know-how.