Products & Specifications

Ballast Star offers corrosion-inhibited Citrastar tire ballast with Inhibiguard to minimize deterioration of tractor tire rims. Tire ballast provides extra weight to the wheels of the tractor for better traction and less hopping when using ground-engaging equipment. Liquid tire ballast is proven to work and is an economical and hassle-free ballast of choice for most tractor owners.

Our combination of easy-to-handle Citrastar liquid tire ballast, along with our user-friendly hydroflation equipment package, make Ballast Star your perfect choice. You will go from filling tires to working in no time at all! And, with the Citrastar ballast in your tires you’ll have all the traction you need.

Ask your dealer about Ballast Star products, or get connected with a dealer by sending us some basic data about your operation.

Goodyear publishes a useful reference called AG TIRES. In particular, we recommend the information on these pages:

  • PDF Page 163 or document page 96 “Procedures for Filling & Removing Solution”
  • PDF Page 164 or document page 97 “Liquid Weighting of Tractor Tires”